TRADEIT/Trafoon Open to Innovation Conference Oct 19th & 20th 2016
The TRADEIT and Trafoon Networks invite you to a joint closing conference titled - Open to Innovation: Networks for the sustainability of Traditional Food Sector in Europe. This event will share a vision for the future development of the SME food sector in Europe.
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IUFoST - 18th World Congress of Food Science & Technology, Dublin, Ireland Aug 21st - 25th 2016

The most prestigious and largest food science and technology conference is being held in Dublin on the 21st - 25th August, 2016. This congress will showcase Ireland’s world-class capacity in food research and innovation and give you the opportunity to present your scientific work on a world-stage.

Registration is now open! Go to www.iufost2016.com for more.

The Milk Mission, Tue 27th September @ 10:30am - Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark, Fermoy, Cork

What It’s about?

Cleaning and sterilisation is a vital part of the production of top-quality, safe dairy products. This workshop will draw together
leading national expertise in the area of Dairy Hygiene and will address the following key questions:

• What are the correct procedures for the cleaning and sterilisation of dairy processing equipment?
• What are the appropriate products to use in different applications, such as Line Cleaning, Clean in Place (CIP)
components, surface cleaning etc.?
• What are the major contaminants and how does the producer control them?
• What are the most common risk areas for dairy processing?
• What does clean mean - how does the processor know when equipment is sufficiently clean?
• What kind of products, research and technology is out there to help SME dairy producers?

Who Should attend?

• SME Food Producers in the Dairy Sector
• Traditional, Artisan and Farmhouse Dairy Producers
• Start-up and Pre-start-up Dairy Processors


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Hat-trick for TRADEIT Network

Not one, not two but three CommBeBiz awards will be presented to the TRADEIT project at the EBN Design for Innovation Congress in the Cultural Vila Flor, UNESCO World Heritage Site in Guimarães, Portugal next month.

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The TRADEIT Marketplace Engages More Than 1,000 SME Food Producers
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LEO Food Academy Programme 2016
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Small and Medium Food Producers called to submit views and drive funding recommendations for the sector
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16.12 – 17.12 à Gestión de alérgenos en la industria alimentaria
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